Your Roof – What Not To Do

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Froto Baggins in the Shire (Lord of the Rings) would just love the natural color of these shingles.  Don’t worry…the roof only leaks when it rains! Neglecting moss can shorten the life of your roof by several years. Prevent expensive repairs and preserve the value of your property by inspecting and maintaining your roof.

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A water heater is at the end of its economic life…

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Enjoy these photos from the field.  I learned at the beginning of my experience in law enforcement that a picture was worth a thousand words…and generally tends to expedite the defense’s plea bargaining process. Does the inspection comment “The water heater is at the end of its economic life.  Recommend contacting a professional licensed plumber […]

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Electrical terms to add “power” to your vocabulary

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Outlets, Receptacles, and Plugs Receptacles are often called outlets. A receptacle is only one type of electrical outlet, but it’s not the only type. An electrical outlet is any connection for the use of electricity, such as a ceiling fan/ light fixture box or a junction box for a stove or oven. It’s not wrong […]

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Checking your attic space after a snowfall

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Snow is a good insulator if you are caught outdoors in a blizzard and need a place to stay warm… however, snow does not provide additional insulation in the attic of your home.  On a recent inspection in the Kansas City area, I photographed small piles of snow in an attic after a blizzard event […]

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